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Everything is energy.
Balance is achievable.
It’s time to Rise Up!
Regain command of
your energy and your
connection with the universe.
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Reclaim Your
Divine Potential!
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The time to Reclaim your Divine Potential is now.
Discover the power within you

Coaching with Sandy

Introduction to Energy

Level 1: Intro to Energy Wellness provides a framework of understanding the energy centers in our body and how they influence our emotions, mood and even our thoughts.

Intuition Upgrades

Level 2: Advanced Energy Wellness integrates heart, mind and spirit allowing you to expand your human awareness. When you reach this level, you will feel connected like never before.

Aspiring Energy Coaches

Level 3: Energy coaching is a unique skill requiring an incredible amount of trust and self-awareness. It is through one’s own experiences and self-discovery that the master emerges.

Rise Up! Why Energy Coaching?

Energy Coaching is is all about inspiring people to reach for their dreams, it is all about empowerment and breaking free of comfort zones. People are waking up to the possibility they have the power and the desire to change their own lives and make a difference in the world.

Upcoming Courses and Webinars

Emotional Warrior Bootcamp

With so much strife and confusion in the world, it can cause feelings of overwhelm and confusion creating stagnation and inability to move forward in life. If you are feeling this way, there is an excellent Emotional Warrior Bootcamp to help get out from under the cloud of confusion and dread. Learn how to master your emotions and command your responses and lead a happier life.

Speaking Up

Sandy speaks about current hot topics with hosts globally

There is structure to energy and personal energy can be measured on a scale of consciousness.  To elevate our consciousness, we speed up the level of awareness with which we process information.  When we are misled energetically, it confuses our consciousness, making it difficult to get our bearings energetically, often sending us in the opposite direction of what we think is true. Humans have the ability to know what is true or not, based on our own level of awareness. Everything happens in the etheric field before it becomes real in the physical world. When we understand how our consciousness is activated, we can correct any incorrect thinking and find the true direction we are looking for.

There are opposites in life often creating duality. If we are not aware of how our duality affects our choices, we can become imprisoned by what other people create or intend for us. Consciousness based reality explains how the dark is used to manipulate people into making choices that are not right for them.  Knowing how this energy is used and exploited by some, allows us to remember the truth of who we are and why it is so important to command our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

We are at a pivotal time in history when many planets are in retrograde signalling a change in how we see, feel, think and behave as humans. This phenomena will continue for many years to come, waking up our consciousness to new realities and opening doors as to what is possible as humans. Planetary alignment affects humans and all life. We are given the tools of astrology and often we are not aware of how planetary alignment influences us individually and collectively. Learn how planetary alignment affects you.

Empowering Experiences

I had listened to a wonderful presentation from Sandy many months ago.  Everything she said had resonated with me deeply.  I had been searching for some guidance and clarity through these incredible amazing times and finally connected with Sandy through her coaching.  I wanted to empower myself and learn how to harness my energy to move forward and make the changes.  I’m half way through my course and have learned so much valuable information and the tools to put into practice in my daily life.  A great teacher!

Heather G- British Columbia – Canada