It’s Time to Prioritize the Children

The Children are the Future                     They say children don’t come with an owner’s manual or with knowledge regarding how to raise a child to become healthy, balanced, well-adjusted adults; who are able to take care of themselves, but why is that? Does lack of knowledge surrounding our true human nature contribute or pertinent information […]

Rise Above the Battle of the Sexes          

Let’s face it, conflicts make money, that is money for the few who create the conflict and the minions who carry out their protocol. That is true for every war created, including ‘The Battle of the Sexes’, the Battle between Men and Women. We have yet to lay down our swords, stop with the labelling […]

How to Go From Normal to Incredible Relationships

Emotions are a form of energy that exists in all of us. They emanate from our hearts and can make us feel happy or sad, glad or mad. They can indicate to us that we need to set boundaries with others and they can be expressed so others know how important they are to us. […]

Where did Romantic Love Go?

Is western society stepping away from love? For whatever reason, in the west, deeply connected, romantic relationships are not encouraged.  Why is that when romantic relationships provide a platform like no other for two people to grow? I see two major components to romantic relationships that are often overlooked. There is the outer layer – […]

Gossip-The Weaponization of the Tongue

Gossip Hurts Gossip is designed to elevate the self-esteem of the one whose tongue is wagging and more often than not, comes at the expense of the one being gossiped about. Gossiping about another is a way of falsely esteeming the individual doing the gossiping and it involves putting down another who is not there […]

Stand in Your Magnificence

It appears that 2023 is a year of tremendous changes inspiring many people to re-evaluate their lives, dreams, and ambition.  To do so involves trusting yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt. Release any fears you may have regarding confidence in your ability to make good decisions for yourself. Trusting yourself can be difficult to […]