It appears that 2023 is a year of tremendous changes inspiring many people to re-evaluate their lives, dreams, and ambition. 

To do so involves trusting yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt. Release any fears you may have regarding confidence in your ability to make good decisions for yourself.

Trusting yourself can be difficult to do at first.  There are many factors that can make you doubt yourself such as being knocked down or being hurt. Giving the wrong people the benefit of the doubt when deciding what is good for you is also a self-defeating behaviour. Any of these experiences can negatively impact your confidence and self-esteem making it more difficult to trust yourself. These may be people who sometimes attempted to control or direct your goals and dreams trying to convince you to follow their agenda over what is in your best interest. You are not here to sacrifice yourself for others. Bust out of other’s need to control you and regain your confidence in deciding your future for yourself.  

This can be daunting at first. You may be asking yourself; “Where do I begin?”

It starts with believing in yourself and knowing you are worthy of wonderful things in life; changing your paradigm and how you see yourself, is a great way to redirect your priorities. Life is meant to be enjoyed and it feels even better when you love and respect yourself. Allow yourself to receive an abundance of blessings.

Spending time in nature helps connect oneself internally and with the world. We often forget to see the natural beauty of our planet and to connect to it on a deeper level. Nature seems to have a way to bring out the creative side of ourselves. If you have not done so yet, start writing down what is positive or amazing about yourself and contemplate on it when you are out enjoying nature. 

If anyone makes you doubt you have it in you, release their hold on you. No more games, or projected shame or guilt from others for putting yourself first. Besides when you stop letting others exercise control over you, it leaves you with more energy to dream big, to feel differently about yourself and to visualize what you want in life. It is an amazing way to live in anticipation of an amazing future. Feel what it is like to stand in your own magnificence and know that you are here to do amazing things with your life.

Make 2023 the year to stand in your magnificence. Transform and evolve to become the best version of yourself. What are you waiting for?

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