Introduction to Energy

Learn at your own pace, tailored to your needs

Level 1

Intro to Energy Wellness provides a framework of understanding the energy centers in our body and how they influence our emotions, mood and even our thoughts.  Clearing trapped emotions, releasing blocked energy allows your body for feel lighter, frees your heart and elevates your frequency.   Everything is energy and these centers serve a purpose in our lives.  The teachings will guide you inward as you sense and release blocked energy flow in and around your body. 


  • Intro to Life Force Energy
  • Inverted Energy Systems
  • Energy Centers Basics
  • Your Body Hears Everything You Say
  • Discernment Leads to Good Choices
  • Elevate Your Self Esteem
  • Exude More Confidence
  • You Are Worthy
  • Identify Unwanted Patterns and Programs   
  • Release Unwanted Patterns and Programs
  • Release Emotional Triggers
  • Understanding Intentions
  • Bullet Proof Your Boundaries
  • How Emotions Shape Beliefs
  • Find People You Resonate With
  • Deepen Your Connection with Your Higher Self
  • Your Power is Yours for a Reason
  • Trust Yourself Unconditionally
 Level One recommended reading: Ending Global Loneliness; Finding Purpose, Love and Dynamic Relationships.

8 Hours of Guided Instruction, handouts and course materials included. $900 USD