Children Source Guide for Parents

Negative environments can affect anyone, and because children in particular are impressionable, can cause a child to spiral downwards if exposed on single occasions or over prolonged periods of time. This can have detrimental and long-term effects on them making it more difficult to participate in, enjoy and feel inspired in life. Let’s create childhoods that children do not have to recover from.
Children model after adults. Emotionally well-adjusted adults are what children need to guide them and protect them until they are mature enough and able to make healthy decisions for themselves. Children need adults to look out for their well-being, not only the adults in their immediate family, but the adults they come across at various junctures in their lives through various organizations, associations and education facilities.
Emotionally well-adjusted adults consider the consequences their actions and behaviours will have on the child five, ten and even fifteen years down the road before they undertake a particular action or behaviour. Non-emotionally adjusted adults don’t have the skills to discern the difference.
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The content in this guide is for educational and information purposes only. It is meant to provide context for parents and caregivers to use when dealing with difficult topics such as the sex education being promoted in the public school system. In no way is this information to be
construed as advice in any capacity.