Intuiton Upgrades

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Level 2

Advanced Energy Wellness integrates heart, mind and spirit allowing you to expand your human awareness. When you reach this level, you will feel connected like never before, within yourself, with others and your environment-to be one with all that is. To be connected, you must speak the language of the universe—that is speak the language of energetic vibration at a cellular level and tune into everything around you. Handouts and course materials included


  • Ask the Right Questions
  • Know the Game
  • Creation of Your Spirit
  • A Solid Moral Foundation is Key to Strong Spiritual House
  • Consciousness is Key
  • Higher and Lower Aspects of Human Nature
  • Feel Your Energy Field 
  • Ego Dismantling 
  • Understand Control Addiction
  • Releasing Others Hold on You 
  • Protect from Psychic Attack
  • Disrupt Toxic Beliefs to Achieve an Exuberant Life
  • Achieve Emotional Balance
  • Activate Your Heart Centre
  • Revisit Love
  • Quiet Your Active Mind
  • Awaken Your Dormant Senses
  • Remembering Your Magnificence
  • Creative Visualization 
  • And so much more…

9 Hours of Guided Instruction, handouts and course materials included. 

$1,100 USD