Emotions are a form of energy that exists in all of us. They emanate from our hearts and can make us feel happy or sad, glad or mad. They can indicate to us that we need to set boundaries with others and they can be expressed so others know how important they are to us. When projected inward emotions of self-love are expressed toward ourselves, they let us know when we feel love, respect, gratitude and worthiness.

Emotions are the catalyst that inspires two people to fall in love. It is a positive flow of emotion. Excitement is an expression of emotion creating feelings of anticipation and joy for the outcome.  It is an energy shared between two people and is so powerful it can elicit a reaction in the other.

While interacting with someone expressing their emotions in a dramatic fashion is not pleasant, feeling emotion doesn’t always represent drama. Speaking with emotion is how expressive, compassionate and passionate people often communicate creating a deep feeling of strong connection.

Depending on how well others are at expressing themselves, communicating with a high level of emotion can lead to a great conversation or a total shut down in dialogue. The ability to articulate within one’s emotional framework is instrumental in creating healthy relationships and interactions.

A major factor in extraordinary relationships is the sharing and expressing of emotions in a mature manner. Emotional Intelligence is the state of being where an individual is aware of; and responsible for, their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and subsequent actions.

It is a shame that age-appropriate emotional intelligence is not taught in our current education system at any level, within our religious or societal structures, in our institutions or in the general workforce. Regardless of age or of past omissions, emotional intelligence is required if we are going to create adults who are emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually and sexually intelligent in nature.

Emotions are powerful, they are energy in motion. It is because we can’t see emotions with our physical eyes, that often their significance is overlooked. If emotions weren’t so powerful, they would not be used by marketing agencies or the entertainment industry to influence your purchasing decisions, sway what causes you donate to, when to feel empathy for another person and especially who you love. If you are not in charge of your emotions, your emotions can be used against you make you give your power away.

We are entering an era where more and more people are speaking up about what is important to them, and it is helpful to know how to read your own emotions. One great way to do so is to ask yourself the question you want an answer to. In other words, speak to yourself. If you feel you are acting out of sorts or are feeling confused, ask yourself if what you are feeling is yours or someone else’s. Then wait to hear what your intuition tells you.

There is a change in the air, and for us to effect change it helps to know who we are and what we feel moving forward.  More and more people are speaking up about what is important to them—they are starting to question everything and stand up for what they believe in.  It helps to manifest your wishes when you are in command of and can express your emotions articulately.

This is just a sneak peek about what is possible if we explore our Emotional Intelligence. More on that next week.

Take yourself to a new level, follow your heart, expand your Emotional Intelligence when communicating with others.

Make 2023 the year to stand in your magnificence. Transform and evolve to become the best version of yourself. What are you waiting for?

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