The Children are the Future                    

They say children don’t come with an owner’s manual or with knowledge regarding how to raise a child to become healthy, balanced, well-adjusted adults; who are able to take care of themselves, but why is that? Does lack of knowledge surrounding our true human nature contribute or pertinent information regarding child rearing contribute as to why parents make the decisions they do when raising their children?

What if children did come with an owner’s manual, but it was hidden from parents who want to raise their children with the best knowledge available? What could the possible purpose be for keeping pertinent information from parents?  How do you avoid breaking what is perfect in children? You do not deceive, lie to, control, minimize, betray, dupe, ridicule, abuse, shame, guilt or trick the little ones. Children are not mature enough to be an equal match for adults mental and emotional abuse tactics.

The early years of a child’s life are the formative years where children’s curiosity is often present, when they explore who they are and start to question where they fit into the world around them. Of course, they need the basic foundation of a strong child-parent bond, good nutrition, enough sleep, routines and a safe, nurturing environment. As they grow, further considerations come into practice in areas of social development, self-esteem and emotional management where they learn the tools to self-sooth and how to feel and express their emotions in a healthy way. By being given incorrect information or philosophies about raising children such as ‘let a child cry themselves to sleep’ or ‘a child should be seen and not heard’, parents were encouraged to neglect their children when their children trusted them to support them. Neglect has now been proven to be detrimental to the budding self-esteem of a child. It is imperative if a child is to flourish; they need to be raised in an environment that respects the nature of the child and helps them to grow up to be productive members of society in their adult years.  

Humans are a multi-faceted by nature, leaving me curious as to why so little attention is given to all aspects of our human wellness beyond our physical needs. By not encompassing the full nature of our multi-faceted selves, poor decisions based on incorrect or incomplete information may result in decisions being made that may or may not be in the best interest of children.

Although the wellbeing of children falls under the parents’ responsibility, programs have yet to be developed to safeguard children as a Primary Protection Plan from abusive behaviours. It is said ‘The System is Broken’, especially around the protection of children because ‘The (broken) System’ needs victims to feed the machine; abused children fuel the economy. There is little guidance available for new parents to understand what constitutes abuse and how to prevent it in the first place.

Until western society sees the very shortcomings in their approach to treating children honourably and respectfully, I fail to see how the abuse of children won’t continue or even get worse moving forward.

While industries tasked with protecting children seem to be doing the exact opposite, it is a great opportunity to create our own Primary Protection Plan to safeguard the future of humanity; our children. What is the societal standard for protecting children? Is there a Standard of Care model used when working with children? Pretty sure there isn’t. Should an Oath to do No Harm be mandated for people who work with children to ensure they understand what constitutes abusive behaviour toward children? It could be used proactively to safeguard the little ones from having to recover from their childhoods.

Let’s stop getting duped ourselves by a system that has failed to safeguard children and take the trash out of the system altogether by ourselves.

‘The Sound of Freedom’ was released on July 4, 2023 in the United States to great reviews. The man the movie was based upon, Tim Ballard, and the actor who played him in the movie, Jim Caviezel have done an amazing job at getting pertinent information out to the public about child abuse and child trafficking.  Although not all aspects of child trafficking were portrayed in the movie, the point is made that it is a growing industry and we need to address it. What is of concern is the lack of interest in the movie from people who work in the industries such as law enforcement, education, child protective services, mental health and medical health categories tasked with protecting children.

Feminisms is destroying feminine energy, the very essence of loving, caring, nurturing aspects of womanhood. As we see men stand up for the children, women can follow their lead and do the same and restore love and safety into the world of children.  One thing is obvious, men and women need to pool their knowledge to create ways to safeguard the children.

Make 2023 the year to stand in your magnificence. Transform and evolve to become the best parent and the best version of yourself. What are you waiting for?

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